Gilam: A modern geometric sans serif font

Gilam is sans serif font with semi-condensed proportion released by Fontfabric. The typeface is based on the famous DIN combining its popular neo-grotesque look with features such the pointed edges in the “W” and “M” and the outward cut terminal. The complete typeface includes 18 fonts (9 weights + italic)…

Grafier: A modern brutalist variable font

Grafier is a modern serif typeface that brings drastic contemporary aesthetics to classic design. Grafier features fresh and precise digital curves, square dots and long connected serifs. Turn on the 1st OpenType style set to disconnect them; the 2nd style set brings you nice and rounded dots. The font family…

Manrope: A modern, geometric sans-serif typeface

Manrope is an open-source typeface designed by Michael Sharanda. It is a geometric sans-serif font that looks modern and professional. Manrope includes 6 font-weights (they’re all free!) and includes cyrillic characters. The package includes OTF, WOFF, WOFF2 desktop and webfont formats. Download font Source link

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