The Styled Edit- Chic Ligature Font

The Styled Edit- Chic Ligature Font

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“The Styled Edit” is a crème de la crème font with contemporary, sophisticated accents. It is perfect for blogging, social media, branding, wedding invites and cards.

“The Styled Edit” includes full set of gorgeous uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, a large range of punctuation and 90 ligatures, giving realistic hand-lettered style.

When creating the font, we should take into consideration that each letter should be able to be connected with other letters. For example, letter “a” should be well connected as well as with “l” and “n” and with any other letters. This limits us: we have to start letter from exact one point and finish in exact second point. So here come ligatures. I surveyed mostly common letter combinations and made 90 Discretionary ligatures with following letter combos:

ae et au ay oo ab al at nl el cl il ol sh sl ct dd ea bb cc mm lk ck ee ng ll nn pp the ad yl ed ce me ou nt ss th id rr bl es ut si en in tt ch ie ul ei be ci ly ion er ne sa so it is of op ex gg gh sk re on son ob ir tl mai men out ted sion ous est ment aus and ten cy can ta ff ſt st

By using these ligatures, you can give realistic handlettered style, escaping font “pattern” effect.

What you get, darling?

You will get:

The Styled Edit OTF

The Styled Edit TTF

The Styled Edit WOFF

In order to use the beautiful swashes, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Indesign and Corel Draw.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.


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