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This Watercolour Pack replaces the Ultimate Watercolour Bumper Pack as the most comprehensive Procreate watercolour bundle you’ll ever buy. I’ve been absolutely ruthless with cutting out the unnecessary brushes and relentless in perfecting the brushes that have been retained. I’ve also added some extremely versatile and useful watercolour brushes that have become indispensable to my Procreate watercolour workflow.


Two brushes that are specifically designed for Lettering, but are equally handy for creating perfectly smoothed strokes in any watercolour painting:

Painterly Watercolour Lettering
Flo Lettering
Eight “effect” brushes which add realism by letting you create the edges and seepy bits that give watercolour it’s organic charm:

Flecked Hard Edge
Hard Dark Edge
Blooming Cloud
Seep Edge Bumpy
Wet Bleed Edge
Blooming Seep
Moist Sharp Edges
Damp & Dry
These four brushes are dry and textural when you press lightly, but glazed and wet when you press harder:

Hogs Hair
Broad Dry
Blunt Dry
Japanese Watercolour

Watercolour Bristle
Poster Paint
Simple Visible Bristles
Old Brush
First Step Simple
First Step Basic
Broad Stroke
Big Wash
Colour & Blend – Diffuse
Colour & Blend – Brush
Clean & Cloudy
Trusty Gouache
Messy Bleed
Watercolour Eraser
Big Ass Filler & Eraser
The Smudgers, I’ve worked really hard to create a set of Smudgers that would actually feel like adding water to a painting:

Salt Smudge Tool
Directional Seep Smudger
Fluffy Smudger
Stubby Smudger
Colour Chaser Smudger
Push Down For Colour
Push Down For Water
Saturated Water Smudger
The drops and splatters:

Texture Adder
Spotty Drops
Blotchy Drops
Splashy Drops
Spilling Drops
Sprinkle Drops
Wet on wet all over texture brushes can be used for big areas as a wash, or for small areas to add textural interest:

Wet On Wet 1
Wet On Wet 2
Wet On Wet 3
Wet On Wet 4
Wet On Wet 5
Wet On Wet 6
Wet On Wet 7
Wet On Wet 8
Dry Brush Texture
Paper Texture Brushes:

Recycled Butcher’s Paper
Watercolour Paper Groovy
Watercolour Paper Rough
Watercolour Paper Crisp
Watercolour Paper Hand Pressed
Watercolour Paper Super
Watercolour Paper Posh
Watercolour Paper Ordinary
Watercolour Paper Smooth
You will also receive ONE READY TO GO fully set up Procreate watercolour canvas, containing a few different paper textures which you can turn on and off as you need to. I recommend duplicating this canvas so that you always have an empty one ready to go.

*This is a digital download. **You will need to unzip these files to access the contents.

IMPORTANT: These brushes are only compatible with PROCREATE APP for iPad

INSTALLATION: After you have made your purchase you will be able to download the zip files containing the brushes you have paid for. If you are on a Windows computer you should download the zip files, unzip them, and upload them to your Dropbox or icloud, from there you can drag them easily into Procreate using the Files app on your iPad. If you are using a Mac, you can download them, unzip them and then Select and Share them directly to your iPad using Airdrop, this is by far the quickest method. If you only have access to an iPad then you will need to use whichever zip file opening App you prefer and then from there drag them across into Procreate using the Files app.

IMPORTANT: These Brushes are intellectual property, sharing or distributing them without having purchased them is theft. Brushes which were free in the past fall under the same rules, distribution of previously free brushes also constitutes theft.

© All designs, illustrations and brushes are copyrighted.

Images cannot be used for commercial reproduction or resale.


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