EPHEMERAL: contemporary watercolor

EPHEMERAL: contemporary watercolor

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Hello and welcome to a new comprehensive and versatile collection of watercolor graphics!

I’m so glad to introduce you design set EPHEMERAL: contemporary watercolor. It’s all about a subtle flap of bird’s wings, a slippery and elusive phenomenon of mesmerizing beauty of a withering flower, a mystical foggy pine forest and unreachable cosmos; it’s all about transience and temporary nature of our being.

Natural, organic beauty and individuality of flower must not be lost in a modern design — such is philosophy of this set. So if you want to create something not superficial, but sophisticated, eye-catching and imbued with meaning — you are so, so welcome.

Collection includes 270+ watercolor graphics:
.png 300 DPI with transparent background:

  • 17 floral bouquets and compositions;
  • 25 floral arrangements: frames & wreaths;
  • 5 barn owls;
  • 6 doves (white pigeons);
  • 6 black ravens;
  • Alphabet №1 (floral) (26 letters + ampersand & + 10 (0-9) numbers);
  • Alphabet №2 (textural) (26 letters + ampersand & + 10 (0-9) numbers);
  • Alphabet №3 (black) (26 letters + ampersand & + 10 (0-9) numbers);
  • Moon + Moon phases;
  • Pluto;
  • 6 royal crests;
  • 4 pre-made cards: mirror symmetric compositions (.png on transparent + .jpg on white);
  • 15 pre-made combined compositions;
  • 4 pre-made forest cards (.png on transparent + .jpg on white);
  • 7 DIY forest elements: 5 pine trees + 2 borders;
  • 45 DIY floral elements: flowers, twigs & leaves;
  • 12 textural artistic backgrounds (A4 .jpeg)

    Main sizes: floral arrangements: ~3000 x 3000 px; owls: ~5000 x 5000 px; birds: ~2000 x 2000 px; letters & numbers: ~3000 x 3000 px (and please be attention: it is not a font); Moon & Pluto: ~4000 x 4000 px; crests: ~1500 x 1500 px; compositions: ~3000 x 3000 px; trees: ~5000 x 1000 px; forest borders: ~ 6000 x 1500 px

EPHEMERAL — unique high quality graphics in sand & nude and navy & grey summer/autumn palette in combination with boasting an abundance of textures, shapes and variations of using were created by hand with loving care. All watercolor illustrations were painted on paper, then scanned at high resolution and cleaned to create clear end products.

Perfect for invitations, modern or vintage wedding suite and stationery, bridal shower decoration, branding identity, greeting cards, posters, wall art, surface patterns, scrapbooking, gift wrapping paper, textile design, cosmetic, advertising, social media, packaging, cases, logos, quotes, blogs, web, banners and for many, many more.


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