Linea – Line icon set (PSD + AI + Webfont)
Linea – Line icon set (PSD + AI + Webfont)

Linea – Line icon set (PSD + AI + Webfont)

Linea - Line icon set (PSD + AI + Webfont)

Linea is the latest free icon set designed by Dario Ferrando. It includes 5 different sets (Basic, Music, Software, Arrows e Ecommerce) that Dario is currently releasing on

This freebie pack – exclusively created for Onlineprofitdeals – includes the Basic version that consists of 135 icons and provided in both PSD and AI formats. Also, you will find a bonus Webfont that includes Basic + Music + Ecommerce sets: a grand total of 335 glyphs!

Linea - Free PSD icon set

Linea icons - Webfont

Don’t forget to check out Dario’s project page! There you will find the whole sets divided by categories.

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Created by Dario Ferrando

Communication designer from Italy, currently freelancing in Berlin. Interested in anything digital, biology, animated shorts, fashion and knitting. Although educated in Typography and Print Design, he moved to the digital environment a few months ago, seeing a brighter future in what’s made of pixels.

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